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Useful indications for the observant tourist

Where to find the jewish community.

The jewish community of Milan is located mainly in two areas.

The center

The big synagogue and the offices of the Rabbi and some others synagogues in the proximity. The kosher food store “Kosher King” is located not very far from the central synagogue.

Southwest of the city

The community itself with its main structures, the schools, the stores and the kosher restaurants and the Beit Chabad. The Beit Chabad is located in the center of the jewish area (in Via Luigi Soderini 3).

The means of transportation

All the lines of the buses, tram and metro take part of a network called ATM. The urban ticket is valid for all the lines. You can go up on a bus and change with the same ticket, if the ticket is still valid.
The validity of the ticket changes depending on time and space and the price changes as a consequence.

The ordinary ticket, that costs 1.50 euro, permits to travel for 75 minutes from the departure. There is also a daily ticket that costs 1.50 euro , permits to travel for the whole day (24 hours).
Attention: the fair is located in the outskirt and to get to it is needed a different ticket, with a higher price. At the moment of the purchase specify that you need a ticket for the fair.
There is also a ticket for more trips. You can inform during the purchase. The tickets are sold in a coffee shop or in the small machines at the entrance of the stations of the metro. The passenger has to punch in the ticket in the specific small machines.

Important telephone numbers:

General emergency: 112
Police: 113
Ambulance: 118
Firemen: 115
Tow truck: 803116

Online you can find a lot of informations on the tourism in Milan, in particular on the web site: that gives informations and suggests tourist itineraries in Milan.

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