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Is there a synagogue or a chabad Shaliach in the center?

Yes, there are a few chabad synagogues and Rabbis in the center. Here some of them: the central synagogue in via Guastalla (italian and sefardi custom)
Another synagogue, in the area of the central station, in via Carlo Tenca (sefardi custom). You can contact the Rabbi of the synagogue, Rav Mendy Kaplan, at the number 0039/3401066715.

Which is the Kashrut level of the food stores and the kosher restaurants in town?

Generally, kosher stores are under the supervision of the chief Rabbi, Rav Arbib, and are Kosher Lemehadrin. The meat and the milk products are local.

Where can I find informations about the food I find in the supermarkets in town, without problems of kashrut?

On the site www.italykosherunion.it you can find a list of products.

You can also speak directly to at Rabbi expert in the kashrut sector, Rav Yossef Haddad. His number is 0039/3284537489

In addition in the supermarkets Carrefour there is a section with some kosher products.

I will be in Milan for Shabbat, which area is suitable for me?

For religious necessities, it is suitable for you to stay in the jewish area (south-west of town). The only thing you have to do is to register yourself for the meals at the Beit Chabad (here) and find an accommodation close (here).

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